Born october '87, Marco Monti [m.m.] grows up surrounded by audiovisual stimuli of movies, books, music and videogames in which are everyday dipped in his two older brothers, making him immediately receptive toward the more diverse genres and styles, moving freely from the carefree mainstream to the fierce underground. Released [more or less] unharmed from school benches, he decided without hesitation to be guided by music - his great passion - and take the demanding and challenging course of study as Sound Designer at the European Institute of Design [IED] in Milan. There comes, after three years, with Bachelor Sound Designer in his pocket [30/30], producing soundtrack, dialogues / environment sound recording and sound design for Milkshake, short movie directed by Michele Socci. Since then, m.m. let loose his creativity thanks to various music projects both as a solo (A Scanner Darkly] or in collaboration with other artists [Horses Die Standing, Dream Oblivion, Mothell]. Professionally speaking, he immediately started to work with various national and international clients as freelance sound designer, soundtrack composer and boom operator for short movies, documentaries and video art installations.



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